Sunday, April 26, 2015

Messages from Daniel

I started this blog to write about all of the things that surprise me or seem most absurd about the grief process.  I consider myself a strong, logical person so all of these crazy thoughts felt like they were coming from someone else.

But as much as I miss Daniel terribly, there are so many happy memories that he gave me.

I was going through some old text messages from Daniel recently.  He showed me every day how much he loved me and often when we were apart he would text me with declarations of love. Messages from my Sweetie are on the left side and my responses on the right.

Daniel was always a big romantic.  He loved me even when I didn't "get it" right away.

But it wasn't all just romance and poetry.  Sometimes, he used math to prove his love for me.

That's not to mention, the coding language of love.

So, how do I keep going without him?

I love you Daniel.

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